Friday, 28 April 2017

We have continued working on the upper frame, several joints have been cut for the cabin door pillars / windows.  Work is in progress fitting the upper door support on the cabin – this needs to be shaped next so when the time comes can be used to screw the roof planks to. 

The new door for 68784 is progressing, the outer frame has been made, just the tong and grove planking to fit now.  Dave has cleaned up all the door fittings and when the time comes will fit them.

Keith has repaired the straps that go inside the cabin of the STD, new bolts have been welded onto the old steel bar – Dave has now started painting them

Sunday, 9 April 2017

There is not a great deal to report recently.  We have contented on the BR STD, when we removed the rotten box section a while ago the bolts that are cast onto the concrete were very rotten and snapped.  Obviously they needed to be replaced, we drilled 4 new holes in the concreate and put some studding down,  used chemical bolts and this proved unsuccessful.  It was decided then to drill all the way through the concreate and put bolts down, this entailed drilling through 700mm of concreate.  This did take a while as we kept hitting steal cast in to provide ballast. 

Keith and Dave have been busy repairing the 4 straps that go inside the cabin, they had to weld new bolts on to the plate.

Part of the freight set was out for the diesel gala over the weekend, a “head shunt explorer” was run going down a few bits of track not normally open to the public.  Both GW toads were out on these with the 08 and Grumpy top and tailed

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Work has progressed on the BR STD slowly, most work now is cutting the rebates for the T&G planking which will be fitted later on the up side.  We have also started making the joints for the Down side ducket beams where they attach to the top beam.  Last week this was completed and the top beam fitted complete with the rebait the length of it.    


Thursday, 16 February 2017


Due to other commitments over the last year I have not had enough time to carry on with the wagon blog but hopefully now I can get a few updates in every month

GW toad 17464 is 99% complete, all that is required now is installing the new guard’s seat when it arrives, it’s been out on a few runs and no faults have arisen yet.

The Br STD is continuing at a pace, all the timber is being replaced including the hard wood frames, so far the floor beams,   main beams have been completed and fitted.  We are currently fitting the upper roof frame at present.  All timber work joints are being reproduced as they were on the original van therefore taking sometime.  Photos speak lounder than words so here are a few below.

New hand brake nut

17464 Test run

Brake van rides on the volunteers open day

GWR 813 Fund Toads 68784 and 17464 on the volunteers open day brake van rides, 68784 is rather tired now and will be subject to the same restoration that 17464 had in the next few years time


17464 Stored in the sidings

Finished Sign writing

New hardwood frame progressing on the STD

Old frame on the BR brake

New Top beam progressing, joints being cut

68784s damaged door,

Door half apart, due to swelling and damage to the door we are going to need to make a new one, some of the timber has split and is rotten

Sunday, 26 April 2015

This month the toad has been moved into the goods shed for the roof to be fitted, so far all of the planks have been placed out and all but the sides have been screwed down as these required the edged being shaped. When this is completed the roof will be sanded making it flat for the traditional canvas to be fitted

The "down" side has been rubbed down again and touched up, when the roof is completed its going to be top coated for the final time outside.

The 2 end angles (1 each end) for the roof have been ordered and should arrive this week ready for drilling, all the canvas bits have also been ordered.

Andy has been busy making the brake linkage that goes between the hand brake nut and the operating shaft, this is 80% completed.

Both toads 68784 and 17464 were taken to Meadow Court crossing a few weeks back to see how 17464 runs i.e. no hot boxes and testing the vacuum, so far no problems.  68784 came as 17464 does not have a working hand brake yet.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The sanding gear has now nearly been completed, the Oldland end has been connected up after the new pipe was bent and the large hole drilled through the wall to allow the operating handle to be attached.  Andy has machined 2 new sockets to allow each end of the pipe to be attached to the operating handle and existing brackets.  The large hole where the pipe goes through the wall will need to be opened up slightly as when the operating handle is just over half way open the pipe rubs the wall timber, then the last plate and bracket can be attached.

The timber for the roof, window frames and last reaming bits of the wall have arrived.  Martin has made a start on the wall ends.

Dave Brooks has nearly finished replacing the worn brake pins and Keith has started on the hand brake.  The hand brake bar was bent in several places, it’s now been straightened and the 2 start square nut should be started soon.

A major step forward was made on Monday when 17464 was moved side wards on to the “system”  This was not planed but with thanks to the wagon team, Marcus, Andy Gay, and John this was achieved in 6 hrs.  Also thanks to Carl from the 4F (44123) group allowing us to borrow 2 of their large ratchets.

The next stage is to get 17464 in the shed and start the roof.